About Us


Soundview Academy is committed to using multiple sources of school wide data such as assessments, attendance, student and family engagement, social-emotional, community demographics to create a learning environment that is conducive to the whole child development. Student voices will be included so that curricula are equitable and culturally responsive to students’ individual learning needs so that they are empowered and take ownership of their learning. Authentic rigorous performance-based tasks will allow students to perform, demonstrate their knowledge of learning and proficiency. Students will be able to apply their learning in a specific real-world context.


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  • To provide a college-preparatory curriculum that builds personalization into the core of content-area instruction through major exhibitions and culminating tasks in each content area in alignment with Common Core Learning Standards.

  • To prioritize intercultural awareness & expression through the Arts and Languages (English and Spanish) within the school day and extracurricular school life to support our core cultural mission. 

  • To provide the necessary supports and structure for our students’ social & emotional growth in our Scholars Mentoring program, as well as rigorously address their physical and mental health, as a necessary component of academic success.